“Something wonderful may happen.
 It is not optimism, it is a rejection of self-pity 
(I hope) which leaves a loophole for life..”

 Frank O’Hara

“The deepest seriousness of our time
forced to express itself through irony.”

Søren  Kierkegaard

I explore the human environment and call in question the once learned truths to understand through myself and intimate experience how the world is arranged. I believe in wonderwork, comprehended universe, the relationship of everything with everything and nonrandomness of what is happening. I believe in uniqueness of every person, his own path and predestination.

I investigate my own convictions and behavior patterns to break it free and look differently at the world, to make it out and accept how it works, to surrender and stop fighting it. I try to do everything so that it reflects me, my philosophy and life approach as much as possible (that any action, look or image carries me and my ideas). Therefore, I think over the details and at the same time try to leave the place for accidental.

I am attracted by the possibility of storytelling, exploring and recognizing myself in the process of creation. What I do is inseparable from how I live. Starting this or that project, I have a question that worries me a lot, the answer to which I cannot find by any means, other than visually.

I care about how all our actions, thoughts and desires are reflected on us and other living beings; how different we are and how difficult it is sometimes to understand and admit it; the responsibility in front of the world and the lack of instruction at birth; the smallness of man and his omnipotence.

I’m talking about the need to ask the question «is it really so?» to everything obvious and about the place where the world speaks to you directly without intermediaries.

My art is in action, in a certain gesture. In fact, it doesn’t matter to me what exactly this gesture would display visually. I want every photograph to be a challenge to myself and  to everyday life, an attempt to rise above all of this and comprehend the real value of things, time, people around and myself.

My main tools are portrait and self-portrait. Anyway, whatever my object is, it jut out as a pivot and basis, which I can modify, thereby learning something new about myself and the world around.

At this stage of my research, I am more and more interested in the physical body, its greatness and might, potential and sensitiveness, its limits and mortality. The body as a tool for letting go of old and painful situations and states. The body, as a part of knowledge of the world and the key to the secrets of life.

The afterimage which remains with the spectator after he saw my work is important for me. Also I would suggest him to step aside from logic and perceive, abandoning interpretations and just feel what is in it for him?

I would like to support the human being on its way, in its doubts and worries; to be near as a conductor of light so that it is recalled and gets acquainted with its strength and power anew. I would like the reply to steam from my art to turn the person’s attention on his endowment, erasing self-pity, inspiring and giving strength.

I suggest to look at my work from the state of an internal question and with a readiness to hear the answer.



2012MFA in Photogarphy, Europian Institute of Design, IED Madrid, Spain

Solo Exhibitions:

2021Hidden Motherhood, PhEST, International Photography and Art Festival, Monopoli, Italy
2020Puree with a taste of Triangles, Fotografika Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia (online tour)
2018Puree with a taste of Triangles, Cortona on the Move Photofestival, Cortona, Italy
2012Cornflower Tea and Concealing Chocolate, Aarhus Center for Contemporary Art, Aarhus, Denmark

Selected group exhibitions:

2020Hidden Mothehood, Singapore International Photography Festival (5 November – 30 January 2020)
2019Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Kiyosato, Japan
2018Gallery 21 / Triennal of Photography, Hamburg, Germany
Puree with a taste of Triangles, Month of Photography Los Angeles Group Show, USA
2017The City of Brides, Photographing the Female, The Willow School, New Jersey, USA
The City of Brides, Kolga Tbilisi PhotoFestival, Tbilisi, Georgia
The City of Brides, Lumiere Brothers Gallery, Moscow, Russia
The City of Brides, FOCUS PhotoFestival «Photographing the Female» exhibition, Mumbai, India
Kyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Kyosato, Japan
Puree with a taste of Triangles, European Center of Arts, Hellerau Photography Awards Exhibition, Dresden, Germany
2016The City of Brides, Suwon PASA Festival, South Korea
The City of Brides, Metenkov’s House Museum of Photography, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Kyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Kyosato, Japan
The City of Brides, European Center of Arts, Hellerau Photography Awards Exhibition, Dresden, Germany
2015Puree with a taste of Triangles, Encontros da Imagem Photo Festival «Seeing is Believing», Braga, Portugal
The City of Brides, «She Loves me, She Loves me Not», Centre of Photography, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2014The City of Brides, Month of Photography in Norilsk, Russia
The City of Brides, Pingyao Photography Festival, China
2013The City of Brides, Encontros da Imagem Photo festival, Braga, Portugal
Cornflower Tea and Concealing Chocolate, Meyrin Cultural Center, Geneva, Switzerland
2012The City of Brides, PhotoVisa Festival, Krasnodar, Russia
Cornflower Tea and Concealing Chocolate, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Copenhagen Photo Festival, Denmark
Coexist gallery, Southend-on-sea, UK
Cornflower Tea and Concealing Chocolate, Backlight 2011 photo festival, Tampere Art Museum, Tampere, Finland
Getty Images Gallery, London, England
Phodar Biennial, Pleven, Bulgaria
ArteLaguna, Nappe area of the Arsenale, Venice, Italy
The A.D Gallery, «Inner & outer landscape», USA
2010Cornflower Tea and Concealing Chocolate, «Young Russian Photography 2010 2/2. Time» Fotodepartament, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Gallery «KINO», Moscow, Russia
Gallery «NIU», Barcelona, Spain
Cornflower Tea and Concealing Chocolate, Tashkentalle-2010, Fitfth International Tashkent Exhibition Photo Biennial Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Gallery «Captains of Industry», Melbourn, Australia
Gallery «Charnwood Arts», Lestershir, England

Grants and scholarships:

2020Zeiss Fotography Awards Finalist
2014Lucie Foundation Scholarship Finalist
2013Lens Culture Student Photography Award Finalist
2012PhotoVisa Festival Finalist, Krasnodar, Russia
Honorable Mention of Emergentes DST 2012, Portugal
Luceo Student Project Award winner, USA
Nominated on Prix Pictet Award
2011Finalist of ArteLaguna Prize, Venice, Italy
Winner of «Inner & outer Landscape»
International Juried Exhibition, North Caroline, USA
Winner of IED Master of Fine Art Photography Scholarship, Madrid, Spain


2014 Go there I don’t know where, Bring that I don’t know what, Selfpublished handmade book, edition of 25

2013 The City of Brides, Selfpublished Handmade book, edition of 150


Kyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Kyosato, Japan

Meyrin Cultural Center, Geneva, Switzerland

Ptivate collections


GUP magazine, Photonews, LensCulture, L’Oeil de la Photographie, Musee Magazine, Mulieris magazine, Life magazine China, EEP Berlin, NIDO, Annabelle, Blink magazine, Zoom

Texts / Interviews

Interview by Jing Zhao, Musee magazine, 2019 [EN]
Interview by Maya Hristova «Listen to the Space», EEP Berlin 2019 [EN]
Interview by Marika Krystman, Ladnebebe.pl 2019 [PL]
Text by Helena Falabino, Escaping death: on ritual and photography, GUP magazine, 2017 [EN]
Interview by Olga Osipova, Bird in Flight, 2015 [EN] [RU]