The city of brides

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The City of Brides


I’m telling about love again
When it will bother to repeat
Know that I’m going to Ivanovo
Because the City of Brides it is.

the song from the film «Honest, intelligent, unmarried», 1981

From the tsar’s time Ivanovo was the center of textile industry in Russia and a lot of young girls came there in pursuit of employment. The romantic time of factories came to the end, but the native land of Tarkovsky preserves its feminine alias till now.

2019 Musee Magazine interview
2017 Photographing the Female, The Willow School, New Jersey, USA
2017 Kolga Tbilisi PhotoFestival, Tbilisi, Georgia
2017 Lumiere Brothers Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 FOCUS PhotoFestival «Photographing the Female», Mumbai, India
2016 Suwon PASA Festival, South Korea
2016 Metenkov’s House Museum of Photography, Ekaterinburg, Russia
2016 European Center of Arts, Hellerau Photography Awards Exhibition, Dresden, Germany
2015 «She Loves me, She Loves me Not», Centre of Photography, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2014 Month of Photography in Norilsk, Russia
2014 Pingyao Photography Festival, China
2013 Lens Culture Student Photography Award Finalist
2012 Honorable Mention of Emergentes DST 2012, Portugal
2012 PhotoVisa Festival, Krasnodar, Russia
2012 Copenhagen Photo Festival, Denmark
2012 Luceo Student Project Award Winner, USA

30 x 45 cm, edition: 5 + II
40 x 60 cm, edition: 5 + II