Puree with a taste of Triangles

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Puree with a taste of Triangles


We are all the fablers of our own unique stories. Every day we create our own miracles out of daily routine and surroundings. All of our experiences and worries are reflected on how do the external world looks like. When you see the home of the person, you can understand him better. All of these belongings reveal the whole unrepeatable universe. Vice versa changing something outwardly we can resolve the internal equations. We become more powerful and almighty knowing this. What if to turn up the door to amazing coincidences space and get acquainted with the world of ordinary things anew?

2021 Metal Magazine Interview, Spain 2020 Mystery Tribune publication
2020 Solo exhibition Fotografika Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2019 EEP Berlin interview
2019 Mulieris magazine publication
2018 Cortona on the Move Photofestival, Cortona, Italy
2018 Month of Photography Los Angeles, LA, USA
2017 European Center of Arts, Hellerau Photography Awards Exhibition, Dresden, Germany
2017 GUP magazine Escaping death: on ritual and photography, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2017 Photonews magazine, Hamburg, Germany
2016 LensCulture publication
2014 Lucie Foundation Scholarship Finalist
2015 Encontros da Imagem Photo Festival «Seeing is Believing», Braga, Portugal

The photographs are in collection of Kyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Kyosato, Japan

30 x 37 cm, edition: 5 + II
40 x 50 cm, edition: 5 + II