“Snowball” from “The sound of one hand clapping” project, 2019-ongoing

I often return to the idea that a person is not given instructions at birth. And he somehow needs to learn how to live in this world, to understand himself, to recall why he came here and to realize his destiny.

It can be inspiring and frightening at the same time as we all move in the dark and anything can happen with us. There are many ways to live it out. We can bury ourselves deeper into a hole and not crawl to the surface or we can walk openly through our lives.

We are real people, who can be wrong, can choose to “feel”, even if sometimes it hurts and unpleasant. After all, each of us is now at this point in our life, thanks to our past decisions and events.

What if we close our eyes and trust the universe to guide us through what might be light?